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Provocative, suspicious measures by Iraqi forces and paving path for new massacre

Call on US, UN to provide Liberty residents’ safety and security
CNRI – On the night of Friday, 27 June 2014, forces linked to the Iraqi Prime Ministry, carried out provocative and suspicious measures around Camp Liberty, very similar to actions taken by these forces in the weeks prior to the 1 September 2013 massacre in Ashraf.

Iraqi Prime Ministry forces have installed more BKC machine guns pointed directly into the camp and the residents’ trailers. In two incidents in the middle of the night (12:45 am and 2:00 am) they opened fire with AK-47 rifles into the camp in two different areas, with their bullets passing above the residents’ trailers. In other incidents they loaded and prepared their rifles to fire, and threw rocks inside the camp. Iraqi forces in various areas around the camp climbed up T-walls and other heights to take films and pictures.
Simultaneously, Major Ahmed Khozeir – one of the elements behind the massacres in Ashraf –began shouting and threatening the residents, saying, “I can throw a few grenades at you right now and kill you all.”
These measures are taking place while in the past days and weeks Iraqi forces have intensified the criminal medical and logistical siege against the residents, preventing emergency patients from being transferred to hospitals and blocking the delivery of many necessities into the camp, such as gasoline.
The Iranian Resistance warns of preparations being made to launch another bloodbath in Liberty. Considering the commitments of the US government and United Nations regarding Liberty residents’ safety and security, it calls for their urgent intervention to end the abovementioned measures and provide the minimum necessary security and humanitarian needs in Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 29, 2014