dimanche, juin 16, 2024
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Front associations for disseminating false propaganda against the Iranian Resistance

Forming cultural associations to disseminate false propaganda against the Iranian Resistance is another MOIS tactic. These associations are purported not to be in contact with the regime and in fact even criticize it.  One such association is Damavand Cultural Association, which uses a Canadian address…
Others are Payvand Association in the Netherlands and Dena organization in Germany. Mahdis and Iran-Interlink websites are among other outlets set up by the MOIS to disseminate propaganda against the PMOI. All these associations and websites focus their propaganda against the PMOI while using the cover of independent or even anti-regime entities.

For example, Iran-Interlink website, run by a British convert, Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), is entirely controlled by MOIS. Prior to setting up Iran-Interlink, she travelled to Iran and stayed there for a month. Iran-Interlink is closely connected with the Intelligence Ministry’s branches in the Netherlands and Germany. One of the website’s information sources is Dena organization in Germany.

In introducing itself, the website states, “our objective is to further expose the real nature of the Mojahedin and act as a pressure group… This site has been formed as an outlet for families and persons the status of whose friends and acquaintances as disaffected members and cadres of the People’s Mojahedin Organization in Iraq are unsettled and whose lives are in danger…”