French National Assembly conference calls for dialogue with Iranian Resistance


On Wednesday, February 20, a conference titled « France and Prospect for Middle East and Iran in 2013, Humanitarian Crisis in Liberty » was held at Colbert Hall of French National Assembly with the presence of dozens of Members of Parliament from political groups. In the conference, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, warned that Camp Liberty, home to 3,100 members of the Iranian Resistance in Iraq, might be subject to another massacre at any time any day. She added that the only way to ensure their relative security until their resettlement in third countries is their immediate return to Ashraf. Referring to the brutal attack against Liberty on February 9, Mrs. Rajavi said, « they are after destroying a movement that due to its deep roots in the Iranian society is capable of directing huge social unrests and to bring about democratic change in Iran. It is a resistance movement that represents Iranian society aspirations because its goal is to establish a republic based on separation of Church and State, democracy, a pluralist system, abolition of death penalty, gender equality, and a non-nuclear Iran. » Mrs. Rajavi asked U.S., EU and UN to arrange for the immediate return of the members of Resistance from Liberty to Ashraf. She also asked UNHCR to immediately confirm their collective refugee status.

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